Our Projects

GROW trip intern Lauren Springett with ASPAT worker Milagros

Each year, GlobeMed at UChicago fundraises for several major projects, based on ASPAT’s analysis of the patients’ needs.  This year, we have collaborated with ASPAT to fund three projects:

  1. Nutritional Baskets – Because TB is such a debilitating disease, many of the affected patients are unable to work while they are ill.  Without a steady source of income, patients and their families go hungry, which only makes it harder for patients to rebuild a healthy immune system.  By providing patients and their families with food baskets every month, ASPAT can ensure that patients are receiving adequate nutrition to recover from TB.
  2. Modular Homes – One of the biggest challenges facing health workers currently is the fact that TB often spreads from family member to family member, due to the close quarters that the impoverished are often forced to keep.  By erecting modular homes, ASPAT can successfully quarantine TB patients before the disease spreads to the rest of the family, controlling the outbreak.
  3. Educational Outreach Programs – Education is the best preventative measure for any disease, and TB is not exception.  By educating people on the signs and symptoms of TB, ASPAT hopes to raise awareness, allowing locals to recognize when their friends and neighbors are ill so they can seek treatment more quickly and lessen the chance of TB spreading throughout the community.

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