Our Partner

The Asociación de Personas Afectadas por Tuberculosis del Perú (ASPAT-Peru) was founded in 2007 by a small group of private individuals, all of whom had been affected by the Peruvian government’s failure to provide adequate healthcare to TB patients.  Headquarters is located in Callao, an impoverished community on the outskirts of Lima.  In the years since 2007, ASPAT-Peru has serviced 100 patients and their families, making a huge difference in the lives of people who live too far from Lima to access reliable healthcare.

ASPAT-Peru aims to:

  1. Defend the rights of people affected by tuberculosis.
  2. Empower people affected by TB to defend their own rights and teach them their responsibilities
  3. Train people affected by tuberculosis in technical skills that will help them generate income while rehabilitating
  4. Create  job opportunities for people affected by TB.
  5. Raise awareness and sensitivity in Peruvian society of the problems TB causes and the increasing need for prevention
  6. Implement activities that will combat poverty and malnutrition, involving both  the Peruvian government and the local people.
  7. Aid in the development of new grassroots organizations aimed at combating TB
  8. Have a say in areas related to the issue of tuberculosis both nationally and internationally.

To learn more about ASPAT’s mission, visit their website at: http://www.aspatperu.org.pe/.


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