About Us

Welcome to the official blog of GlobeMed at the University of Chicago! Here you will find updates on our fundraisers, news about global health, insight on health issues from our members, interesting articles and quotes, and much more.

What is GlobeMed?

GlobeMed is a non-profit organization that partners university students with grassroots organizations around the world to address the issues surrounding global health inequity and improving the lives of people living in poverty.

Since GlobeMed was founded in 2006, it has been responsible for the creation of 50 chapters in universities across the United States, which have partnered with local organizations on four continents: North America, South America, Asia, and Africa.  Students educate their campus community, organize major fundraising events, and work together with community leaders to collaborate on projects to alleviate poverty.

GlobeMed at the University of Chicago partners with the Asociación de Personas Afectadas por Tuberculosis del Perú (ASPAT-Peru), a community-based organization in Callao, Peru, that seeks to educate at-risk Peruvians and control the spread of multi-and extremely-drug resistant forms of tuberculosis.

Throughout the year, we:

  • Host educational events on campus
  • Raise funds for our projects with ASPAT-Peru
  • Work on-site in Peru for one month each summer

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