ONE: Join the fight against extreme poverty.

What is it? An action-packed, real-results, no-nonsense campaign against poverty.

What are the issues?
– Budget cuts that would mean:
789,500 fewer life saving vaccines for children, leading to
8,400 more deaths from preventable diseases.
77,200 more AIDS orphans
39,200 more AIDS related deaths
54,000 fewer TB patients will receive treatment; leading to
4,200 more TB deaths
– Higher instances of diseases that are totally preventable
– Fighting against HIV/AIDS
– Making sure children get food and vaccines

What YOU can do:
Right now, put down that p-set, close your physics book, and save that HUM paper for later. Make your voice heard.
Tell the UN.
Share this on Facebook.
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And Tumblr. And e-mail. And any other social networking site! Go tell your friends and family!
Stand up against extreme poverty.


Best of luck with finals and have a wonderful break!